Available in the new larger "2010 Mold" with Printed Logo
Super Balls in "triangular" packaging !

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These brand new Wham-O Super Balls are made in the new slightly-larger 1 13/16" "2010 Mold" and
are the first ever Wham-O
Super Balls to have no molded-in logo - - rather the logo is printed on the ball.
Additionally they're the first ever Wham-O
Super Ball to not say "Wham-O" on the ball - not anywhere (just the name
and a lot number printed on the ball... and the name China molded in to the ball - kind of near the ball's seam).

Other differences are that the balls are again a different material than the last iteration, are painstakingly packaged in a clear
protective bubble and a fancy new "triangular" box (which no longer ships in an envelope), and they sink in water like the original '65 balls. :)
That said... that's where the comparison ends.  They still don't bounce like the good ole' '65's.

Please note the following drop-test comparisons.  Also please note that they are in no way scientific.  If fact I have no way
to know whether a drop-test comparison necessarily relates to how the balls perform when some amount of downward force
is applied behind them.  The drop-test is the only way I can know that the forces behind the ball are similar (like none).
I suppose that It is entirely possible however that a lesser-performing ball (in a drop test) could outperform another with added force.

Dropped from about 6' they're, on average, not quite on par with the last (2007) version of the ball (on the red & white card),
which was not quite "up there" with the ones before that (on the circular green card), which were not nearly as "lively" as the
'98 ("commemorative") and '76" balls, which all fail by comparison to the '65 balls (but these still bounce better than those stinky 2001 balls! :).

See a recent 2010 vs. 1965 "drop" bounce-test here:  Low Res WMV:  lowres.wmv    Med Res WMV: medres.wmv

By the way... the new packages suggest that they bounce up to 75 feet.  Slamming it on the ground I got a good 50 feet
or so out of it, so I suppose off-of-a-trampoline, or in conjunction with a really really strong updraft, that 75 feet is possible.
I'd love to hear from anyone that achieves 75 feet - - how you did it and how you measured it. (but please BE SAFE! :)

Measuring approximately 1 13/16" in diameter, (1/8" smaller than the original large '65's),
these are the largest Wham-O
has made since the similarly-sized stinky 2001 balls, they feature the new "2010" printed
logo, and are all mint in their original packaging (unless you choose to have them shipped loose to save shipping costs).

Balls are made in black (only) and bear a white printed logo (no-atom) that is unlike any other before.
Additionally, as mentioned, the Wham-O
name is not on the ball for the first time ever (well except for the golf balls which had no logo).

Balls are $2.99 each (minimum order is five (5) balls for $14.95 plus sales tax (if applicable) and Priority Mail shipping.
Shipping is typically $5.95* (for five balls shipped loose) or $10.70* shipping for from 5 to 20 balls in their individual packages)
Please see quantity ball costs below.   (*US locations only*)

Payment may be made online using PayPal below (uses my Netvideo Solutions,
account), or, if you don't have a PayPal account you may simply call 714.381.0101
and pay with your credit card over the phone.

If you prefer to pay with a check or money order, please send me an e-mail specifying
desired quantities.  I will quickly respond confirming your order and will provide
payment details.  (Payment by check delays shipment until check clears.)

*Please note:  I only ship to locations within the United States for logistical reasons.
 If you live outside the US but have someone in the US that can receive these for you,
please contact me prior to purchase as I'm happy to work with you.

Buy five (5) new 2010 balls - SHIPPED LOOSE WITHOUT ORIGINAL PACKAGING ( in protective bubble only as shown here to reduce shipping cost):

 $14.90 plus $5.95 Priority Mail shipping ($20.85 total plus tax if applicable):


Buy five (5) new 2010 balls - INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED as shown above: $14.95 plus $10.70 Priority Mail shipping ($25.65 total plus tax if applicable):

or buy 10 or 20 below... and get the same shipping cost as for 5 above

Buy ten (10) new 2010 balls - INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED as shown above: $29.90 plus $10.70 Priority Mail shipping ($40.60 total plus tax if applicable):

Buy twenty (20) new 2010 balls - INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED as shown above: $59.80 plus $10.70 Priority Mail shipping ($70.50 total plus tax if applicable):

Thank You!

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