1998 "1976 Mold" Wham-O Super Balls
in commemorative "50 years of fun" packaging.
(made in the USA)

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New Wham-O Super Ball - Purple (front) New Wham-O Super Ball - Purple (back)

New Wham-O Super Ball - Logo (close)

New Wham-O Super Ball (case)

These Wham-O Super Balls, in the above "commemorative" "50 years of fun" package (a) are purple.
(a) ("50 years of fun" commemorated (in 1998) the anniversary of Wham-O's founding in 1948.)
These are available from time to time at eBay auction only

Measuring approximately 1 13/16" in diameter, (about 1/8" smaller than the original large '65's), these were the
largest Wham-O
had made since the early '70's.  Note: While the packages are dated (copyright) "1998," the balls
themselves (though made in 1998) were made using the 1976 molds and thus bear that "1976" logo and copyright date.
Original "1976" balls were not made in purple.  These balls were made in the USA and packed in Mexico.

Also note: While the packages are all mint (straight from the factory sealed case of twelve and removed personally),
they all bear a tear of varying degrees on the face of the "card," to the right (center) of the ball - - where Wham-O
applied and then removed Toys-R-Us price stickers (Toys-R-Us had the initial deal for distribution but it fell though).
These tears were, for the longest time a complete mystery until the day I opened a case to find a batch with the price stickers
still applied).  Additionally, please note that the "cards" are in various states of "bangedupedness" as a result of inadequate
factory packaging. This condition is the standard for these, with the tear, a crease here or there, and/or a "dimple" in the
bubble covering the ball being typical. Package condition will vary from pictured as each one is different.
All that said my standard practice is to ship the best first.

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